I started writing songs in 2007. Performing was a natural consequence to have the songs heard. In 2012, I released "Taking Flight", a CD of thirteen original songs. My first songs were written on keyboard. I then found the need to expand my musical style and started taking guitar lessons. Shortly after, I wrote some songs on guitar using the voicing of the guitar as my inspiration. The EP, "Admit One", released in November of 2015, highlights some of those “guitar” songs.

I’ve been performing as a singer/songwriter in the Rochester area since 2007 including at more than 40 festivals, coffee houses and farmers' markets. In 2013, I wrote and produced two songs, "Joan of Arc" and "All We Ever Wanted". I’m continuing to write and perform new material as I still have things to say musically.

My music background includes soloing and participating in choirs in New York and Colorado.